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It’s True: Miracle Flights for Kids Makes Miracles Happen

June 25, 2017

For more than 30 years now, the prime mission of Miracle Flights for Kids has been to ensure that no sick child ever fails to get whatever medical help they need because their family doesn’t have the means to afford an airline ticket. Too often, sick kids go without medical care because the doctor they need in hundreds or thousands of miles away and their parents or guardians can’t afford the airfare to get there.

And almost everyone who applies for airfare through Miracle Flights for Kids receives it. To qualify, families need only supply evidence that a local doctor referred the child and confirmation of the appointment, as well as income verification. Their people, who are often referred to as “Miracle Makers,” try to fulfill every flight request as soon as possible because all underserved families who need their help to get their sick children a flight to wherever the best treatment is should get exactly that. Thanks to Miracle Flights for Kids, a lot of families who have received the treatment they needed for their children; treatment they may not have received otherwise.